Deadpool Takes Comic-Con By Dancing Storm

That Deadpool. He certainly has some moves up his skin-tight sleeves. Wait for the end of the video to see Deadpool's dance stylings truly come to shine.

Here he is at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, dancing with random cosplayers (including a male edition of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy) and making a general, hilarious fool of himself.

Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2012 [YouTube via Reddit]


    The video is full of win. Just like the upcoming games trailers.

    Oh hell yes

    What a legend.

    That guy is awesome. I wish I could be that awesome.

    I lol'd at fat Cammy.

    suck it wolverine :)

    Deadpool and Chewie doin the sprinkler? My life is more complete than it was 4 minutes ago.

    I think the REAL key to being able to dance like an idiot and have the most fun ever? Is having no-one see your face or eyes.

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