There’s No Escape For Cosplayers When Deadpool Storms Comic-Con

Only Deadpool could walk up to Bane, Wolverine, Solid Snake and nearly every cosplayer at this year’s (and last year’s) San Diego Comic-Con and fool around with them without any consequences. Physically, at least.

Besides the silly dance moves, it’s good to see there was someone at Comic-Con in a Hello Kitty Iron Man suit.

Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2013 [YouTube, D Piddy]


  • I’m loving the trend of adapting Iron Man suits. The guy in the Link (from Zelda) Iron Man suit at PAX was heavily mobbed by people with cameras.

    …If I was ever going to cosplay, I’d want to cosplay as Deadpool.

  • Turns out the Joker with his face cut off does have some movement in the mouth, that mask was incredible…
    Also liked the Tetris brick ladies… classy and inventive.

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