Giant Video Game Monsters Invade Universal Studios Japan

Most of the West might not give two farts about Monster Hunter, but Japan adores it. Capcom's monster hunting series is appearing at Osaka's Universal Studios Japan this year in giant statue form as part of "Monster Hunter Real 2012".

By "real", I'm assuming they mean "herky-jerky"?

Last year, Universal Studios Japan held "Monster Hunter Real 2011", and if everything goes according to keikaku, it will hold "Monster Hunter Real 2013" next year!

"動く"大迫力の実物大リオレイア希少種をムービーで撮影。USJで7月20日から開催される「モンスターハンター・ザ・リアル 2012」前夜祭速報 [4Gamer]


    We all adore monster hunter too. That is if they bring it to the west.

    The only reason you can say that the west does "not give two farts" about it is because they don't even know what it is.

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