Great, Another Game Of Thrones Game That Looks Terrible

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is the third official game to be based on George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, after a terrible RTS and a disappointing RPG.

Anyone hoping it would be third time lucky obviously didn't know this was a browser-based, free-to-play MMO. Or had seen this trailer.

It's due out next year.


    How many games does Game of Thrones have now? 16? It has to be some record by now. Most games based on a movie or series.

      I think that record probably belongs to star Wars

        yeah, silly me. For some reason I didnt even comprehend Star Wars. Maybe because that whole franchise was bastardised to death long ago.
        But, then again, all these different Game of Thrones game announcements have been in the past year!

    I would guess that about %90 of all "movie to game" adaptations are a waste of time to any regular gamer.

      You realise GoT is a TV series right?

        Movie to game, TV show to game, comic to game... Either way he's right, 90% of them suck.

    'You win or you die'
    Omg this sounds so exciting

    Seriously, they should just get Paradox to make an official game, Crusader Kings is basically Game Of Thrones anyway, it's all about medieval politics and intrigue. (The battles are kind of boring but still)

    I was gonna say the title of this article sounds harsh but then again, I often find myself thinking "great, another Luke Plunkett article that looks terrible".

    This "Crusader Kings 2" mod is the game all of the PAID ones WISH they could be!

    I would like to echo all that has been said about the Crusader Kings 2 mod and I have heard good things about the mod for the original game.

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