Jann Lee Takes On Tina In Dead Or Alive 5's Tag Mode

With Tina and Jann Lee returning to the ring in Dead or Alive 5, there are just too many pretty characters in the game to choose just one. Luckily there's Tag Mode.

Taking place inside an electrified wrestling ring surrounded by screaming fans (hopefully not screaming because they're being electrocuted, but I'll take it), Dead or Alive 5's Tag Mode teams up pairs like masked wrestlers Mariposa and Mr Strong, Jann Lee and obsessed girl, or Tina and Tina's dad in no-holds-barred round of Fighting Entertainment.

That's what they call the cage: Fighting Entertainment. If only all video games utilized such straightforward naming conventions.

Fighting Entertainment

Dead or Alive 5 is due out in September on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I will definitely picking it up, as my oddly-proportioned wife creature thinks it's a realistic female body simulator.


    Would be cool if they add some english voices for western release.

      You can switch voices from Japanese to English

    I just want to know where I can get my hands on the collector's here in aus

    I'm all for big boobs but that is just ridiculous!

    Almost but not quite the same gravity as DoA:Volleyball Xtreme 2, where one would bounce one way while the other would go the opposite.

    Cant wait cant wait

    Would be nice if this game's fighting turned out to be as detailed and highly thought out as the boob physics modelling... I doubt that will be the case.

    If the clothing physics matched the boob physics the ensuing wardrobe malfunctions would ensure this remained in 18+ territory.

    Thats all nice and well..

    But the most important question is.... ARE THEY RELEASING THE LIMITED ED VERSION IN AU!!! So far Ive only seen it on stock on EU only online shops! BLEARGH!

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