Nice Guy Hideo Kojima Apologises For Fake Metal Gear Solid 5 Logo

Kojima certainly didn't have to, but tweeted, "That title logo is completely fake. Apologies to those who were looking forward to this."

In his tweet, Kojima also added something along the lines that he seemed happy that people still talk about the Metal Gear series. Well, yeah.

Earlier, Kotaku reported that Konami had denied the the "leaked" Metal Gear Solid 5 logo. Kojima's comments should nix any and all lingering doubts.

朝から「あのMGS5の画面はどうなんだ? [@Kojima_Hideo via オタクニュース]


    "Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors"
    How did people NOT realise this was fake?!

      I would pay bulk money to have this happen. Open-world Metal Gear?!

    I didn't even realize there was a 'leaked logo', I thought Konami was trying to say that MGS 5 did not exist at all.

    And oddly enough, we got our Open World Metal Gear game.

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