Not Even Death Will Keep This Gamer Away From His One True Love [NSFW]

Warning: this video is slightly NSFW. Not only is this animated short beautifully rendered, but it teaches us an important life lesson too. You can fool the Grim Reaper into playing games against you instead of taking your soul away.

Gamers=1, Death=0.

[Thanks Oded!]


    Anyone else think the gamer looked like Gabe? Maybe that's why the steam sales are taking so long!!

    And the creepy music at the very end sounded freakishly like the graveyard music in Fable TLC.

    Entertaining, but a little slow. My biggest complaint though, is that Death didn't get Melvined by the gamer. (A digital cookie if you know the reference)


        Nor did he play the cello.

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