Once You See This 'Half-Life' Photo...

...well, yeah. You can't unsee it.

And I thought fast zombies were bad. Fast squirrel zombies that screamed as they crawled down post-apocalyptic trees would be about the worst thing ever.

Animal pictures of the week: 8 June 2012 [The Telegraph — thanks John!]


    How long til Luke realises he posted the wrong image?

      I believe it is meant to look like a headcrab.

    RIP kotaku. This site has officially lost the fucking plot.

      Yeah this is pretty freaking dumb.

    Look, normally I refrain from complaining because the "if you don't like it don't click it" rule holds up, but this is ridiculous. It's not a Half-Life photo, it doesn't look like one, it never claims to be one on the source website, and it's just plain not funny. Come on, man.

    Mum Squirrel carries Baby Squirrel. Stupid American seems to think this relates to Half-Life. Australian facepalm.

      Plunkett's Australian, he just so happens to work for KotakUS.

        He's too far gone now, there's no coming back!

      Look dude, he's just one silly American fool. Don't judge the entire country for one dumbass.

      Look dude, he's just one silly American. Don't judge the whole country for one meteocre fool.

    He is just trolling us now.

    Is this guy the editor of this site or something? Or does the editor just not care, or think 'any fan hate means they're interested'? I've never been to any site where there's been so much hate towards one person, and so justified.

      Fan hate = page clicks = win for the website = lose for people with brains

    lol headcrab squirrel


    to the rest of you if you dont like it dont click it. idiots.

    lol what has nothing to do with hl? I sure can see a head crab thankyou. Your all just going out of your way to rip on plunkett these days, get over it.

    I really wish you hipsters would stfu.

    Made me giggle, nice find Plunkett.

    Most of the time I defend Kotaku for being some kind of blog but this... IS SHIT

    Whats a headcrab?

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