Outed By An ESRB Re-rating Earlier This Year

Outed By An ESRB Re-rating Earlier This Year

Outed by an ESRB re-rating earlier this year, Grand Theft Auto III is confirmed for a $US9.99 digital release on July 31 on PSN.


    • Agreed this, vice city and san andreas would def be able to run on vita and would be great on it too especially since my ps3 yellows and I only have the vita or pc now. Also these older games while being great just don’t hold their own anymore on home consoles when we have access to the newer games at low prices

    • Yeah Sony would be crazy not to do something that isn’t their job. I mean why should Rockstar be responsible for releasing their own game on another console.

  • Come on, we all know Vice City is the superior GTA, so lets just release that on PSN and be done with it, thanks!

  • $9.99 is an insult really. GTA 4 is a far superior game and that’s dirt cheap on steam – including the expansion packs. As much as I loved GTA 3 when it came out, now days it sucks balls. Vice City is still a great play though .

  • I recently finished GTA Vice City on PC and in my opinion the game really holds up well. Due to the terrible port PC that is GTA 4 I cant get into it :/

    • I agree on the Vice City front, I recently replayed it after buying it on Steam last year, such an awesome game. I tried the same with GTA III & San Andreas they didn’t seem to stand up and I lost interest quickly.

      With GTA IV, it’s a real bitch to run smoothly at times, like I can run every game apart from GTA IV & Max Payne 3 at max, but that runs better than GTA IV does on my machine…

  • Whilst Vice City is better than GTAIII they’re both awfully archaic. I played them recently and it was stark how dated they were in all aspects relative to San Andreas (and of course GTAIV – which my PC runs without issue).

    Terrible gunplay, basic vehicle handling, no mouse control while driving, tiny map with little to do, inability to climb on/over obstacles or move while crouched, awful zoom/aim control, surprisingly poorer graphics than San Andreas (at least on PC).

    The soundtrack is still great but mainly because it’s set in the 80s, the game itself is an ugly reminder of how much the overall mechanics of the GTA series has advanced.

    • Spot on about having little to do. I can’t believe the number of hours i pumped into vice city driving around. I cant remember what i was doing all that time… maybe just insane rooftop stunts or something.

  • I thought the iOS version of GTA3 was rendered in HD, because it was based off the PC version? Why not utilise the art assets from this release on a console and Vita version, with Trophy support… The PS2 version is probably the worst. Not that I’m complaining, always grateful for any releases! ;D

  • I hope that Rockstar are just being greedy… Get the initial money from the PS2 ISO on the store, Vice has been rated also, so that will be the following week or not long after. Rinse and repeat…

    Then once everyone has picked it up, announce and release HD Collection, multiple double dips to be had!

  • Never mind HD, just release one without Borked controls. I’ve tried to play San Andreas and Vice City (not to mention the “Stories” on the PS2 since playing IV on the xbox – the controls drove me spare! (one of the reasons I got San Andreas again on the PC given that KBM controls drive me spare already so I won’t notice it as much!

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