Rumours Suggest Smaller iPad Could Launch This Year

Apple could launch a new, smaller version of the iPad this year, according to new reports. Rumours from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal suggest that the smaller iPad, not to be confused with an iPhone, would have a diagonal measure of seven to eight inches. The current iPad is 9.7 inches by diagonal measure.

The "iPad Mini" would be a cheaper alternative to the bigger tablet that is designed to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7.

So what does this mean for gamers? Assuming the new iPad would support the current iPad's entire software library, which boasts quite a few games that can't be played on your iPhone or iPod Touch (like Kingdom Rush, one of my favourites of the year), this could be an affordable, versatile handheld gaming device. And it could make for some tough competition for the resurgent Nintendo 3DS and struggling PlayStation Vita this Christmas season.

Bloomberg: Apple Plans to Launch Smaller iPad This Year (Update: and the WSJ agrees) [Gizmodo]


    I assumed this would just be a rebranded iPod Touch. Guess not. I think the current size is perfect for the iPad, any smaller would not be comfortable for browing the interwebs.

      This simply can't be true for multiple reasons.

      1. A 7" iPad would go against the basic design/size principles for an Apple tablet.
      2. Apple would gain nothing since it already has market dominance
      3. A 7" iPad would probably still be "too expensive" for most current mini-tablet purchasers
      4. Small Tablets are purchased by Apple-haters, or people that think they wouldn't notice the difference (having never used a real iPad) the Kindle/Nexus just happen to be the cheapest
      5. A Touch replacement might make sense, but it's still too large for its intended use
      6. 7" really only works because of 16:9 dimensions, Apple won't do that on a true Tablet.
      7. Allow Google to destroy it's own income by directly competing with it's own royalty earners
      8. Allow Google to sell a device at a loss (or cost) and consume it's royalty earners

        In the end, Steve's dead and the purist approach he brought is gone. The money men are in charge and messing with design meetings - expect to see more of this.

    Ok, Ill tell you all a little piece of information that Ive been keeping under my hat.

    My aluminium supplier (not saying who), the rep visits me about twice a week as we odrder a shit load from them. The company, and their aluminium factory in China, have the production rites to the iPad.
    Just over a month a ago we were advised to get orders in quick because they would be commencing production of the iPad 5.
    Yes, the iPad 5.
    The iPad 3 was just released in March and in May Apple would begin production of the iPad 5.
    This means the iPad 4 (for next year) has been under production since last year.
    Think about the quantities that need to be produced. It makes sense. They cant churn out millions of iPads in a few months. It takes a couple of years to manufacturer that sort of quantity.

    So lastly, all those Apple fan boys that say "Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave, yadda yadda yadda" well, the products being released for the next year were still under his decision/direction.

      "hat" and "aluminium" in the same comment. Just saying. Also, "rites"?

      But yeah, makes sense they'd be making it ahead of time. Good point about Jobs's direction being still felt on current models. You do yourself no favours by saying "Apple fan boys" though. It cheapens your comment. Your point was strong without it.

    Isn't the iPhone a smaller iPad?

      In some ways, but when you use both they are very different devices.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Having juuust gotten an iPad yesterday, I don't see the appeal of a mini one. I like the big screen. I'll continue to use my iPhone for portability (since I always have it with me anyway), the iPad will live at home with the wifi, since I don't want to get a seperate SIM/3G data plan for it.

    (To forestall any questions as to why I'd pay extra a 3G/4G iPad if I only planned to use the wifi, I didn't buy it, I won it).

    quote ""The reason we [won't] make a 7-inch tablet isn't because we don't want to hit that price point, it's because we think the screen is too small to express the software," Jobs said, according to Apple Insider, adding, "As a software driven company we think about the software strategies first."

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