Tales Of Xillia Is Coming To The West

Finally. Namco Bandai is bringing PS3 action-RPG Tales of Xillia to the West, the company said at a fan conference today.

Namco's Hideo Baba said it would be "localised for western markets" and the company later confirmed on one of its Twitter accounts that Xillia will be coming to Europe, Australia and the United States.

Released in Japan last September, Xillia was a success both critically and commercially.


    Yay, this news genuinely made my day.

    Hurray! now all they need is to localise the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia :)

      It won't happen

      It won't happen, you can thank Microsoft for that

    Hopefully they'll follow it up with Xillia 2 as well.

      They said they will release 2 if it sells well! So hopefully it will :3

    Ohhhh yeah!

    Haven't played Graces f yet (in the pile :P) but Xillia looks more interesting

    2013 schedule for Xillia? I finished Jude's route last year and played it again on Milla side while getting the platinum last month. ._.

    and by the time you guys get XIllia on-hand, most likely I've finished playing Xillia 2 >_>

    I am super mega happy to hear this.

    I am super excited about this, I have been disappointed with the JRPG genre since the ps2 days fingers crossed we get some more.

    lol, read the last paragraph too fast (due to excitement) and I thought the release was going to be September. Darn! :(

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