The Difference Between New And Old Phantasy Star? Better Underwear

So, you're thinking of making the leap from Phantasy Star Universe to Phantasy Star Online 2. You know that, yes, PSO2 is free-to-play, but what else? NSFW.

Twitter user Dawy posted an image that shows the difference between Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Online 2 in one fell swoop. That's right, more realistic undergarments. Progress!

どう進化したか一発で分かる画像 [Twitpic]


    Bwahaha nice...


    Every time you post this crap, Kot, you set back every well reasoned argument about sexism in gaming that you've bothered to write. I am, as always, freaking baffled.

      While I think Bashcraft does post these kinds of things to get more hits on the site, I like to try and find value in them anyway. And for something like this, i think the value comes in when we discuss:

      1) Why these kinds of things are (fairly) common in gaming.
      2) Why we tolerate this kind of thing in gaming.
      3) Can we, or should we, feel anything about this (offended? disappointed?)

      I personally find it quite juvenile, but I'll admit, a part of me laughed about it.

      Panty shots aren't sexism. They're divinely inspired art.

      Oh wait, damn I wasn't meant to say that aloud.

    Now a reason to play it

    LoL omfg

    I wonder who took the time to to detail those things when making this game, and if they think their life has amounted to anything.

    article needs echi tag lol

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