The End Of The World Can Be A Beautiful Thing

Or, at least, it is in this great piece of concept art for upcoming shooter Dust514, done by artist William Chen.


    looks like concept art from Reach.

      Honestly i was thinking the same thing before i clicked the link. Who knows haha.

    Damn if only i could get paid for google image searching something then writing on sentance that may or may not be true.

    its dust, this has been on the website for the game for months now....

    A whole 21 words.

      so much for 'a picture tells a thousand words'...

    How does this guy have a fucking job. Your article is a picture that has been floating around the internet for months and one line. How about some real news on DUST514? There are beta events being held every weekend, new builds, surely there's something newsworthy happening. What's the news on a release date? Maybe a statement from CCP about the development process? This is a big release, they're breaking new ground with their cooperation with Sony on the implementation of this game world with the existing New Eden universe, and I for one would actually like to hear some real news about a game I am genuinely excited about. Would real journalism be too much of a stretch for you? This would have taken literally five minutes to write. I hope Kotaku doesn't give him a whole days cheque today.

      Oh, and DUST514 is a PS3 title, not PC.

    Mr Plunkett - if as you claim you are NOT a journalist then hand in your media passes.

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