There's An Official Dark Knight Rises Game,'s For Phones

The good news: there's an official video game based on Chris Nolan's third and final Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. The bad news? There is none! Only mildly disappointing news, in that the game is "exclusive" to mobile phones.

While that might be enough for some Batman fans to get a little huffy, the fact is video games based on movies and released on big consoles and the PC are usually awful, rushed affairs that are a total waste of $US50. Transfer that rushed production time to a mobile phone, where the price shouldn't exceed $US10, and suddenly what would be an awful game on the PS3 has the potential to be a "not so bad" game on a phone.

It's out on iOS and Android on July 20.


    How is this bad at all, this is a cash in game. If it were any good they wouldn't need to rely on the movie to sell their game.

    Will I have to delete snake from my Nokia to make room for this?

    Picked up Arkham City yesterday. Seems pretty good early on.

    Well... The game looks better than the movie :P Now if only it came out on Sony's mobiles so it could also b on Vita...

    There’s An Official Dark Knight Rises Game, Only…Well…it’s made by gameloft.

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