These Covers Make It Easy To Make Your Gaming Library Look Like The More Traditional Kind

I have to admit: I love these custom game case covers. The idea strikes me as a brilliant one.

It's not that I'm ashamed of our collection of video games. I placed them all on a couple of very visible shelves, after all. Every game there is there for a reason.

No, it's not that I need to hide anything. It's that I love simplicity, clean lines, and matching sets. And titles that ageing eyes that spend too much of the day staring at screens can identify from across the room. Crafter James Bit is on to something, making a collection look like, well, a collection. And a sleek one, at that.

Custom video game jackets [Etsy]


    - These look amazing! :D

    The title on the spine is the wrong way around! Otherwise, rad

    Plus video game covers (particularly Xbox covers in lime green)
    tend to throw off any rooms aesthetics

    Why not simply make your own?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Troll or @sshole? Vote for which you believe he is in the comments

        Oh and I quite like these. I've made custom covers for some of my
        games in the past but penguin paperbacks is an interesting new
        idea. Nice find Kate.

    That's all well and good, but the writing on the spine is upside

    I have bought 11 for my smallish PS3 collection. I shall post once I receive the files and print them out. :) :) They do look pretty awesome.

    Yes... I've always thought game covers would be better if they were uniform and simple like Penguin Classics... but they'd never do it because everyone wants their games to stand out in stores, not tastefully blend in. It'd be nice if they'd offer a solution though, flip the store cover inside out and have something like this that's more suited to your shelf at home.

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