You Can Ask The Head Of Nintendo Anything, And You Ask Him This?

When Nintendo has a shareholder meeting, its shareholders can come in and ask just about anything. They're shareholders! Such is their right.

At the most recent meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked about all manner of things, from the Wii U's online plans to its multiplatform future.

But the most burning question of all was put forth by a grumpy shareholder who was pretty bummed out about the location of Nintendo's offices in Kyoto.

I got terribly lost coming here today. Every time I come here, I feel that you should take into consideration where many of the shareholders attending are coming from and that you may want to consider offering us some conveniences like a courtesy bus from JR Kyoto Station. As I feel this is rather an inconvenient place to visit by subway or by bus, I'd like you to consider more about this sort of thing than enriching the contents of the gifts you give to the attending shareholders.

Now this man has his priorities straight! Forget cool Nintendo swag, man, just give him a meeting place that isn't in the middle of nowhere.

Iwata, to his credit, is a gentleman about the question:

I understand your comment is that we should be aware that our headquarters is located in an inconvenient place and that therefore we should prioritise smoother arrivals of our shareholders by, for example, providing a shuttle bus over the gifts for the attending shareholders. We will consider your opinion in preparation for the future shareholders' meetings. Thank you.

Hopefully, a shuttle will make Captain Grumpsalot happy.

The 72nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders [Nintendo via GoNintendo]

Top photo (not actually of a Nintendo shareholders' meeting): Shutterstock


    As a public transport using peasant I'm with the grumpy old man!

    It's a fair point. I've been past Nintendo's headquarters (didn't go inside!) . It is way out in the arse end of nowhere.

    the streets and pt in kyoto are both weird. It ain't so hard to get lost. stick it to the man, grumpy shareholder guy.

    I own a share in your company 0.0005% so you should make it easier to get here! Move you offices next door to my house so I can walk there! massage my shoulders! buy me flowers! Tell me you love me!

    It's a legit concern. Shareholders are practically the owners of the company and no company should not be run in some secret location where even the owner could not even find it.

    Appropriate concern, inappropriate forum.

    The comment about 'cool Nintendo swag' is in an odd spot in the article, and made no sense until after I read the second quote.

    Can we have more details about what these gifts to shareholders are?

      A couple of years back someone uploaded a whole bunch of pictures of a booklet shareholders got which was all full of various concept art and Wii prototypes. Some pretty cool stuff in there, even SMB planning sketches.

    "Even though I eventually got here in time for the meeting, and I now know how to get to your offices, I demand a chauffeur as I will forget your office's location in 5 minutes. I'm a wheeler and dealer who has no time for such inconveniences"

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