All-Female Theatre Group Bringing Ace Attorney To Life (Again!)

The Takarazuka Revue has twice done productions based on Ace Attorney. Those went so well that the troupe is planning on doing a third next January. It will centre around Miles Edgeworth.

Takarazuka actress Hiro Yuumi will play Miles — hopefully not in that Louis Vuitton raincoat. She'll be reviving her Edgeworth role from previous productions.

宝塚歌劇『逆転裁判』第3弾、2013年1月に公演決定! 今回の主役は検事マイルズ・エッジワース(御剣怜侍)!! [ファミ通]


    Wish i had seen this last time i was there. But my timing was off
    by weeks. Had to see something else

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