Next Ace Attorney Game To Feature Miles Edgeworth And Trucy Wright

The characters Miles Edgeworth and Trucy Wright will be appearing in the upcoming Ace Attorney game, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, as apparently noted in a leaked Japanese magazine article.

As Kotaku previously posted, the game will be a digital release in the West.

[Court Records via Japanator]


    I really love waking up to Phoenix Wright news, its great XD

    Glad to see Edgeworth's return to the main series, and since you play as apollo as well, trucy being in it is no surprise.

    however, i really hope that Maya is in this one, it's been too long since she's appeared in a game! :(

      to be completely honest i have no idea as to why Maya hasn't been in any of the games as of recently :/ poor maya

    If Ema Skye made it into this game, that would totally MAKE IT for me <3

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