Here's Your Final Helping Of Modern Warfare 3 Downloadable Content

Coming September 6 to the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the five new maps of Content Collection 4 (two previously exclusive to Elite Premium members) brings the content season to a close, paving the way for Black Ops 2.

You know the drill by now, kids. The Xbox 360 version comes out first, the PC and PlayStation 3 people will hopefully see it before the launch of the next game in November. This is the joy of timed-exclusive content. Hooray!

For more details on Content Collection 4 visit that there Call of Duty website thingy.


    who cares, Blops2 wooooo!!

    It's funny that nobody gives a shit that this is a timed exclusive.

    Dlc for the previous game after the next game release? Good job!

      Sorta makes sense when people were playing mw2 way beyond the release of Blackops and waw

    Seriously though, They screwed the pooch on DLC with MW3, i think im lucky if i get in 2 lobbies a week that has dlc without it being on the other side of the planet. The segregated the dlc owners an the non dlc owners, it divided the playing community too much.

      I totally agree. Trying to get a game with a good connection on xbox is near impossible. Esp in hardcore where like to play.

      Never really had this issue with black ops and their DLC maps.

        I think CoD is starting to die, just like Halo was.

          Well that's what happens when you release exactly the same game every November.

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