I Really Wish These Zelda And Ico Movie Posters Were Real

Designed by Kotaku reader Marinko Milosevski, these fake movie posters make me want to watch a film based on Shadow of the Colossus. And Majora's Mask. And Super Metroid. And Ocarina of Time. And Ico. And Wind Waker.


    "...Wish [they] were real"

    Smart arse reply: the posters are real - it's just the movies that aren't.

    But on that note, I'm kinda glad that these aren't real movies. However, if these designs were available as alternate cover art for these games, that would be awesome.

    I remember seeing someone use a Gamecube cover template in conjunction with some cool fan arts to have new covers professionally printed for their games.

    would there be anywhere i can get a decent resolution of these so i can print out these as posters?!

      He has a shop where he sells these posters : http://marinkomilosevski.bigcartel.com/
      So I doubt that we're going to be able to get any high res files.

        this is just as good, thanks!

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