I'd Kill To Play Games On This 72-Screen, 36-Computer Virtual Reality System

Later this year, the University of Illinois at Chicago will take the wraps off something it's calling CAVE2. You, however, will most probably call it "that badass virtual reality system".

CAVE2 is big. It's 24-feet in diameter and 8 feet tall. But then, it needs to be. It consists of 72 screens and 20 speakers, and takes 36 computers to run. That gets you a 320-degree view with visuals that can be displayed in 74 megapixels (or 37 if you're using its 3D capabilities). The system has been designed to allow people to become truly immersed in "worlds too large, too small, too dangerous, too remote, or too complex to be viewed otherwise".

It's main goal is of course in the fields of science and education, which its creators repeatedly emphasise. As they would, since that's why they've got funding for it. So why post about it here? These are the same guys who made that enormous, touch-screen Star Wars game we showed you a year ago.

If that was what they could whip up in their spare time for a flat screen, imagine what they could do with this.


    Looks great - but wouldn't the seam lines kill the immersion, especially in 3D?

      my thoughts exactly, suitable for education.

    Meh, this doesn't really evoke any "wow factor" from me. I mean I love VR Simulations to no end.

    But compare the video in the Article with this video by the Gadget show from 24th of October 2011 showing their VR 360 degree battlefield simulator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg8Bh5iI2WY

    Now that's a system I want to game on (Alternatively, it's a system I'd like to combine with an Oculus Rift to make the funnest gaming input system ever. and cut down on the costs by swapping the tracked projector with the Oculus headset. (Also saves on not needing a giant auditorium to set up the sim.

      The best things about that simulator is the 360 degree treadmill... I believe it's also the most expensive part of it.

    But does it run Crysis?

    Sorry couldn't resist. Seriously though I'd probably want to play Crysis with 360 degree views . :)

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