This Is The Best Star Wars Game We've Seen In A Long Time

Forget everything you know about Star Wars games. The ones that used control pads, mice or keyboards. Because Fleet Commander, a student project, might just blow them all out the airlock.

It's been developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a student at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Initially designed in 2009 as a simple space strategy game, it soon evolved into a multiplayer project for the TacTile touch-screen display. Which, thanks to the fact it's not a commercial product, could use Star Wars ships and sound effects.

You can see a 2010 version of the game running here. While it looks good, it's the enormous version running in the video up top that will really get you excited, as it's like seeing a childhood dream of the perfect video game come to life.

The point here is supposed to be how a touch-screen input can be faster, more intuitive and more enjoyable than something as "abstract" as a mouse and/or keyboard. The point I'm getting is that stuff like this coming from students and fans makes Lucasarts look like a pack of schmucks for the way the license has been treated in recent years.


    Star Wars + Homeworld = win.

    Do want!!

    It's a bit jarring hearing the Star Trek console sounds over the Star Wars music and SFX.

    Wow... that's a pretty amazing effort by the students to be able to come out with something from scratch that pretty closely matches what we saw from Lucasarts in SW: Galaxy at War

    Sprite and Audio swap and you have yourself an awesome game.

    The Outer Rim approves of this transmission.

      Can't remember that quote, but Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy = WIN.

    All i am seeing is Empire at War with a slightly raised view and a touch screen GUI.

    Freaking awesome. Would love to play it.

    It's a fun gimmick, but there's no way its faster than traditional controls. Try to imagine some crazy south korean trying to play Starcraft 2 at a bazillion APM on that sort of interface - he'd rip his arms off within minutes :)

    Motion controls are all about involving your whole body as much as possible. Whereas fast, efficient controls are all about moving as little as possible :) Just compare a touch typer versus a hunt-and-peck typer - the touch typer barely moves their hands.

      The guy with the higher APM would be able to send more commands in less time, but strategy is not ordered around APM or reflexes.

      To prove this, watch a person who can 200+ APM play a game of chess ;)

    Do you people not realise this is basically Empire At War but with touchscreen controls replacing the mouse? It even ripped off the unit models and waypoint system from other RTSes.

    Nothing to see here.

    um nothing to see here? the sense of scale is the selling point. star wars gives it the +1 geek factor. imagine this with total annihilation or spring (or SC if thats your thing) noones saying its faster but it changes the dynamic and makes it a much more social affair. would make rts a much more accessible spectator sport.

    aha just read the *faster* part heheh ;)

    hmm i could see with the size of the screen it could be much faster with the addition of the second hand.

    i think id much rather play it on say a MS surface

    ...that looked awesome.

    WTG Students!

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