Kill Bill's Most Violent Scene Required Blood, Wires, And Close Haircuts

It's been nearly a decade since Kill Bill Vol. 1 was released. Yet, the film's most complex and most gruesome scene, the House of Blue Leaves showdown, is still burned in viewers' minds.

The House of Blue Leaves was based on Tokyo's Gonpachi — and the fight itself was a tribute to blood soaked masters of Asian cinema. But what was it like bringing that bloodbath to life?

When the scene was shown in the US, it had to be shown in black-and-white to get by the film censors. When it was shown in Japan, the scene was in full-color.

Earlier this month, Miramax released a handful of behind-the-scenes stills from the filming. Have a look.

Behind the scenes [Miramax via Acid Cow via ザイーガ]

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    I just bought this on blu ray. Can't believe its nearly 10 years old... it makes me feel really old.

      Tarantino mentioned recently that he's actually interested in Chapter 3 now. Given he DID promise it would be roughly 12 years til the little girl was old enough to go after The Bride...

      can't believe that Pulp Fiction is 20 fricken years old.

      Now that makes me feel old.

    This and Pulp Fiction are two of the best movies i've ever seen.

      You really really really really really really really need to watch more movies then....

        Did not like kill bill 1 at all... I did like Kill Bill 2 more.

    Grabbed it on Bluray a while back - that scene is still in black and white. Love the stylised view it gives but I do want to see it in full colour at least once.

      You can find it on YouTube pretty easily. I think it was colour in the Japanese release.

    I never understood the love for this movie. The fights were terrible. Gore is meant to highlight how awesome the action you just saw was. It's not supposed to be the only thing about a fight sequence that is even vaguely interesting. None of the highlighted cast were capable of carrying a decent action scene.

    And when you're copying a Steven Seagal movie almost beat-for-beat it's probably time to re-consider your career choices.

      The "love" for this movie came from all the hipster-wannabes thinking everything Tarratino does is "the best"

      But, god forbid, you have a different opinion about this being the 'best movie of all time' - you'll get hounded down and persecuted forever

        It was meant to be an ODE to Lone wolf and Cub type films...

        I don't think it lived up to Lone Wolfs

    You can grab the Blu-ray on or and that scene is in delightful colour. it also has an extra part at the end where the girl in the truck gets her other arm cut off. BUT don't forget that Japan are region A .

      Unless there was another release only the original DVD release in Japan is uncut. The bluray release in Japan is the international version ie censored. Just see the complaints on amazon about said version ;)

    They've been talking about releasing Kill Bill Uncut for years. I don't understand why it has never happened so far in an "unrated" version or something.

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