Lords Of Football Is A Sports Game About Booze, Gambling (And Football)

While most officially-licensed sports games need to keep their images squeaky clean, when you step outside the realm of governing body endorsement you get the freedom to do something different. Lords of Football is doing just that with an awesome name and a fantastic premise.

It's a football management sim. Think Sega's Football Manager series and you'll be getting warm. But instead of just asking you to look after things on the pitch, it veers sharply into The Sims territory by giving the players personalities and giving you the ability to control and curtail them as well. So, yeah. That trailer above, how it starts with a recreation of Eric Cantona's famous "kung fu" kick? Yeah, that's the tone we're looking at here.

Which means speed dating. Alcoholics anonymous meetings. Prima donna players. Fishing. Oh, and football.

No idea when it's out, but I'll be keeping an eye on it. I've always wanted to be the boot-kicking Sir Alex Ferguson, as opposed to the shrewd tactician Sir Alex Ferguson. Be nice to see a game that actually lets me try it on.

Sports And All: Lords Of Football [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Did anyone ever play RedCard back in the day?

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