Rent iPhone 5 Parts Right Now For $8000

According to Chinese site NetEase, iPhone 5 parts are floating around Shenzhen, where the device is supposedly assembled. Floating around for a price, that is.

The site has numerous photos of what's purported to be iPhone 5 parts, but it adds (via MIC): "...taking a peek at it will cost you money. If you want to take it away for 24 hours, it will cost you nearly 50,000 Chinese yuan."

That's around $7900. Have a look at photos of the rumoured iPhone 5 parts below. If the pics are real, this iPhone looks like it's going to be a fingerprint nightmare.

金属/玻璃材质混搭 工厂流出新iPhone外壳抢先看 [NetEase via MIC]


    They may as well just turn the iPad into a phone.

    Anyone stupid enough to pay that amount and not wait 2 more months, deserves exactly what they get... overpriced goods and a very empty bankaccount.

      isn't that what you get when you buy an Apple anyway?


    I'm sure any number of rumor websites and/or competitors would easily pay that sum.

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