They're Space Nazis, But They're Not Racist

One would imagine it would take more than 130 years for humanity to embrace the ideals of an organisation calling itself the (insert number here) Reich, but the destruction of the planet Earth does funny things to a civilisation. In Miner Wars 2081 the Nazi party rises to power once more, thanks mainly to its decision to stop being so damn racist.

A decade after the Solar Event toasts our home world the Nazis of the Fourth Reich, one of the four major factions in Miner Wars 2081, find themselves in a position of power. Since its most powerful members embraced space colonization early on, the shift of power from Earth-based organisations to space stations and remote colonies instantly transformed the group from a fringe element into major player.

"Purity and Perfection!" is the Fourth Reich's call to arms. It sounds very familiar, but the meaning has changed over the decades. No longer concerned with so-called racial purity, these space Nazis are all about creating the perfect human body and society through cybernetics and eugenics.

As it turns out, distancing themselves from the whole white supremacy thing was a brilliant PR move. Top scientists and people of power, compelled by the idea of crafting the perfect society among the stars, have flocked to the cause. They just want to create the perfect body for the human spirit, is that so wrong?

It's an interesting concept, one that the developers of Miner Wars 2081 urge us to ponder in the helpful study questions included in the official announcement.

So, what do you think? Is the Fourth Reich too dehumanized? Or do you think that, with the renouncement of racist ideology, its ideas could actually work? Is the retooling of humanity through genetics and cybernetics inevitability? Could we create an ideal society through science? Or would that lead to another totalitarian regime as in previous times?

It's like I'm back in high school, only less awkward and more likely to get arrested for being there.

And so we have the Fourth Reich, the intergalactic evolution of the Nazi party. Sure, its leaders are still white German guys, but that's just a coincidence.

Miner Wars 2081 Introduces Fourth Reich [Miner Wars 2081]


    Hmm this seems like Iron Sky the game, based off the movie... Interesting.

    Damn space Nazi's

      First 20min of that movie were hilarious. Rest of it sucked.

        aw really? I was kinda looking forward to it. Will still give it a go I think.

    Decades of gaming have left me inherently pre-disposed to kill Nazis on sight. Big Pavlovian hurdle to jump, that.

    Why must the fourth reich be nazi? The first two reichs weren't.

      This might be the most intelligent comment I've seen on a Gawker site EVER.

        Not as intelligent as you may think. Albeit this thread is super old, here are my two cents for what it is worth.

        Nazism is Hitler. Hitler began in the second Reich, rose to power in the third Reich, and the entire premise of the existence of a fourth Reich is that Hitler escaped to lead it. The only Reich that does not involve Hitler, and therin nazism ideology, would be the first Reich.

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