Warframe, The Next Game From The Darkness II's Developers, Looks Interesting

In case you missed it last time, Warframe is a "cooperative 3rd-person action free-to-play game" from Digital Extremes, the team behind The Darkness II.

I'm still sceptical, because free-to-play shooters require a balance only a select few developers can manage, but for something with an art style that looks this cool, I'll keep an open mind about things.

You can sign up for Warframe's beta here.


    I loved The Darkness 2 on PC so ill give this a look.

    Not touching a free to play. If you want all the content it costs 10-20x more than a regular game.

    Reminds me a little of Mass Effect.

    I had to search for this because I played this ALL WEEKEND
    Fuck this game is awesome, people need to play it..
    Play it with friends.
    No instructions make it a learning curb but this is awesome, its in beta and I already slapped 50 bucks down for their hunter package cause Im just having so much fun

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