What A Real Mario Brother Would Look Like

Mario has a giant cap for a reason: so Nintendo didn't need to animate his hair or eyebrows. That was back in the 1980s, though; if Mario was being designed now - or, heaven's forbid, being redesigned - there's every chance he'd look a little more realistic.

Maybe not this realitic, though, which would be a shame. I look at this guy, with the hairy arms and the grey hairs and the trucker's cap, and I think, it's Nintendo's equivalent of Max Payne's Brazilian meltdown. Which would be very cool to see.

It's the work of artist Mike Meth, and you can see more of his work here.


    Looks too much like Edward J Olmos

      Lol I thought the same thing before I even scrolled down to the comments

      looks like Johnny Knoxville if he was 30 years older

    I know Mario has been around for a while. But he looks to old here. If I saw this man chasing after a young princess I'd call the police.

      Ahahahahahahahahahahahah ....... muahahahahahha

      Mario Bros: Pervert in the pipe

    I think for the added touch the tattoo should have read "Pauline".

    Also, dude's last name is Meth? Now that's unfortunate.

    Mario hides in cess pits. Awaiting...

    Looks a bit like this guy, ex Carlton AFL player Alex Jesaulenko


    Bob Hoskins + Tom Selleck + Edward James Olmos + Burt Reynolds. PURE 80s.

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