What A Video Game Olympics Could Look Like

Earlier this week, Stephen wondered if video games could ever be considered as an Olympic sport. He meant the medium as a whole, but if they ever did make it, they'd need specific events.

Which is where artist Jay Lee Walsh steps in. Designed to look like retro Olympics posters, these pieces take common video game moves and turn them into athletic events.

Once you say "oh, that's a cute use of video game tropes", you realise that many of these would actually be awesome events, whether in a video game or for actual athletes. It's about time a host city had to build a stadium, pool, velodrome and a dungeon.

Arcade Olympics [Jay Lee Walsh]


    This would be pretty awesome to watch an watch athlete run 100m up a wall or double jump.

    platform jump and wall jump would be awesome

    I was hoping this was some kind of flash game. The wall jump one would be awesome.

    Someone make it!!!

    The '400 Meter Strafe' made me laugh. I can just imagine it as a real event, but all the athletes would need to be carrying some sort of weapon.

    awesome for a laugh, some real good ideas there

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