Eight Events For An 'Arcade Olympics' Capture The Spirit Of Our Games

With the Closing Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics set to begin in an hour, this seemed like an appropriate time to spotlight this series of eight posters by the artist Jay Lee Walsh, paying tribute to eight very well known feats of video gaming athleticism, as if they were events in the Summer Games.

The events: Coin Jump, Platform Jump, Wall Jump, Deep Sea Oxygen Grab, Dungeon Time Trials, Double Jump, 400 Meter Strafe, and the 100 Meter Wall Run. You may see all of them in full size at Walsh's Tumblr.

Rocket Jump seems conspicuously absent, though the eight Walsh did illustrate are superbly conceived. Can we think of a 10th to give him a true video game decathlon?

Arcade Olympics [Jay Lee Walsh, h/t Alison O.]



    Would love to see a Rocket Jump event in there

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