$11.9 Million Gets You “The House That The Commodore 64 Built”

Jack Tramiel passed away earlier this year. If the name doesn't ring a bell, then you might know him as the man who helped revolutionise the computer industry, ushering in the Commodore 64 into millions of homes. In the wake of his passing, Tramiel's own house is now on the market for a whopping 11.9 million.

All that cash gets you a neoclassical home that sits on 1.27 acres in Moreno Valley, California, with a giant pool, fully equipped guest house, wine cellar and oodles of expensive-looking marble all over the place. The estate was built in 1992, and likely came after Tramiel's dealings with both Commodore and Atari had truckloads of cash coming in on a daily basis. It's more square footage than Dan Houser's big-bank purchase of Truman Capote's Brooklyn home but isn't quite as literally significant. You can take a gander at the Tramiel estate here.

[Thanks, tipster Neal!)


    I guess money can't always buy taste.

      Any photos of your mansion and estate that you would care to show as a comparison?

        You don't need to own a mansion to have good taste!

    So if you two rubes had 12 million bucks to spend on a mansion, you would buy a house with a brick veneer that is identical to my neighbours garage? Like Soulless said, that shit is fucken ugly.

      I dont think the picture does it justice tbh, it probably has a lot of character IRL, plus the bricks would be quite large so the comparison to the neighbours garage wouldnt be accurate.

      No. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People have different tastes. Jack Tramiel was a legend. I don't give a f about his taste. Your manner and behaviour is also ugly. It is quite telling that you don't have your own garage to compare to.

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