A Closer Look At The "Woodstock" Of Video Games

One of the highlights of QuakeCon each year is the baked-in LAN party, in which 3000 people get together in a giant hall, plug their desktop PCs into a desk and just got at it.

While it's far from the scale of, say, Sweden's Dreamhack, it's still a massive party, and one we get a nice and intimate look at in this fancy video from SB Nation.

It's part of a larger feature you can find below that's definitely worth a read if you find the idea of grown men and women lugging desktop computers around the country as interesting as I do.

Bawl So Hard [SB Nation]


    This was actually really well made and interesting, made me smile (:

    Isn't drinking energy drinks like that dangerous?

    I laugh at nerds co-opting the infamy of Woodstock for a goddamn LAN party. Were people doing drugs, shitting under their blankets, rutting in the mud or getting killed by tractors at QuakeCon? Or was it just a huge, regulated LAN party with electricity, adequate sanitation and food? Yeah... "woodstock of videogames." This wouldn't even be the Defqon of videogames.

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