At Least Doctor Who Still Appreciates The Wii

While the people from this particular planet are packing up their Wii consoles and preparing to trade them in for the next big thing, the last survivor of the planet Gallifrey is having a wonderful time flailing about in front of the television. In yesterday's episode of Doctor Who, Matt Smith shows Wii Sports Tennis how it's done.

For a man that's seen the entirety of time and space, spending any substantial amount of time stuck on one planet must be incredibly boring. Luckily companions Rory and Amy have a Wii in their living room, or the good Doctor might have wandered off in the TARDIS instead of helping save the world from a series of tiny black cubes.


    At least he's playing the best game on it, wii tennis.

    What's weird is that the episode is technically set in something like 2020... you would think Amy and Rorie would have at least picked up a Wii U on the cheap at the end of it's life cycle.

      I think your miss-thinking the line about it having been 10 years. They've spent 10 years on the TARDIS while only 2-3 have passed on Earth. It's still 2012, they've just aged more because of the time travel. I guess they could have tried picking up a Wii-U from the future but it was probably crushed in a Silurian attack or Rorey threw it at Henry VIII as a distraction.

    Better than any Dr game. Give me a streams of time sequel though. Got my tickets to the Sydney symphony . Very excited!!!

    A running joke with this Doctor is him doing / saying / wearing things that he insists are cool, but are in fact not. Perhaps it was intended as a slight dig at the Wii?
    Probably not & I'm just reading too much into it.

    Either way, it was a good episode, but I think it could've been better if it had more of the doctor trying to integrate into Amy & Rory's life.

      Fezzes are cool.

        with the exception of fezzes, which are indeed cool, the point stands.

      >it was a good episode

      Are you kidding? It was Love & Monsters/Fear Her tier. Dumb slapstick humour, massive plotholes and a true Davies-style ending. Bloody awful.

      I'd like to see the Doctor "integrate" into Amy much much more!

    There's a doctor who season on? I thought this was just the newest season of coupling...

    Welp, guess I better avoid this "thread" if I don't want spoilers of sorts (5AM is too early for me):I

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