Borderlands 2 Tips Its Cap To Dark Souls With This Easter Egg

Borderlands and Demon's Souls were two of 2009's biggest hits, measured by sales and/or popular acclaim. So there's a nice symmetry in seeing Borderlands 2 paying homage to Dark Souls. Spoilers ahead!

The Easter egg can be found in the Caustic Caverns. The NPC's name is Solitaire, which might reference Solaire of Astoria, a character in Dark Souls

Dark Souls Makes An Appearance In Borderlands 2 [Game Informer. YouTube video uploaded by Rofl316]


    Great follow up to the earlier Minecraft spoiler! Keep up the good work Kotaku US.

    Stop leaving the spoiler before the jump you dumbasses!!!

    Hey guys,

    I've edited the post to put anything even vaguely spoilerish after the jump, but I thought I'd already done that with the initial edit of the post. I haven't played Dark Souls, so apologies if my first attempt at hiding the spoiler failed.

      Cheers! We do get a bit sensitive when it happens more than once :)

      Cheers mate. For the record, my comment was aimed at the US editors, not you guys.
      Thanks for actually listening to our complaints.

    Doesn't having an Editor supposed to stop this spoiling stuff? Its pretty simple stuff not to included included the content of the Easter egg in the title or a picture. For being a gaming website Kotaku seem to have a pretty dismissive view that gamers want to experience the game and surprises themselves.

    Having a simple 'censored' image and 'Borderlands 2 Easter Egg' on the main page is all it takes. :(

      A lot of content comes through from the US and we do what we can to prevent spoilers getting through. I'm very surprised at the sheer amount of articles that are spoilers, especially in recent times, so there's been a bit of an adjustment period. I'll keep a closer eye on it in the future.

        I'm not blaming Kotaku AU for posting the content, it should be overseen on the US side. I do appreciate that at least AU trying to something about it though.

    *** Sort of not really a spoiler alert ***
    I love the amount of nods to other things that BL2 has. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Zer0's nod to Yugi-oh:

    How hilarious
    You've just set off my trap card
    Your death approaches.

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