Gameloft's Mobile Call Of Duty Goes Up A Number In This Spectacular Trailer

If I didn't know this was a trailer for a game coming to iPhone, iPad and Android this fall, I would have complained about how we already have too many modern combat games on consoles. This is just gorgeous.

The Modern Combat gets prettier and prettier with each new instalment. Gameloft might be making copies of existing games, but they make damn fine copies. Hopefully I'll have a good mobile gamepad available to me before this hits the app stores.


    Criminally stupid

    At least it looks nicer then the grey filtered MW3

    Black Ops 2 for the iPod?!

    Controls like an arsehole, I'm sure. That's why they didn't show any footage of someone actually shooting or changing orientation or direction.

    yeah i got Moderncombat 2 on my Xperia Play, its ok but controls more like a mix of golden eye and time crisis. Sceens only lasting a few seconds at a time

    Graphics as always are amazing, but if you've tried any of their games in an iPad (specifically iPad 2) you'll know the controls are a pain.
    Best to buy one of those Windows 8 tablets, I even saw a dude using an Xbox controller for gaming ; gameloft should start developing for them.

    So... Why doesn't CoD Vita look that good?

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