Let's Talk About The Video Games We Played, Loved And Hated Last Week

A busy seven days chasing around after my kid then jetting off to Sydney meant I didn't get to play as many games as usual. Still, I got to play some, and turns out this week was a case of quality over quantity.

BLACK MESA - It's almost everything I wanted it to be. And, surprisingly, in some cases it was more. A herculean effort from all involved.

SID MEIER'S COLONIZATION - Dug up my old copy, moved it over to my new HTC One XL, spent a bus ride to Sydney engrossed in one of the best - and, it turns out, most timeless - PC strategy games ever made.

SLEEPING DOGS - The (sorry) sleeper hit of the year just can't keep me away. The further into the story I get, and the fancier my suits get, the deeper the game gets its hooks into me.


    Loved: Mark of the Ninja. I remember saying at some point last week that I hate stealth and melee. Mark of the Ninja just made me eat my own hat. This game is freaking amazing.

    Hated: Fall of Cybertron: Dinobot Destructor DLC Pack. While the Dinobots are awesome, charging $10 for a 108kb unlock file for content included on the disc is definitely not awesome.

      Does that mean you would've liked it if it weren't on the disc?

        It would have made the $10 price tag much easier to swallow.

          I'm confused, are you unhappy with the price or the fact it was on disc? or both?

            I agree, paying an extra $10 for something that is already on the disc you paid for is a bit poo.
            Paying $10 for something that is already on the disc you paid for that is nothing but a costume set with no extra abilities or anything, that is a lot poo.

    +1 to Black Mesa. Worth the wait.

    Finished Hyperdimension Neptunia and liked it - so many video game references and loved the moe, but hated the repetitive combat.

    Machinarium on PS3 was a 9/10 for me. Just a great point-and-click adventure with touching moments, awesome art work, and excellent music.

    Loved: Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    It's awesome, even if I'm terrible.

    Undecided: Trials Evolution.
    Finally picked this up. It's fun, but incredibly frustrating. I was sailing through it until I hit this one level where jets of water send you into an unpredictable spin - of course forcing me to play that one level for another hour before giving up on the gold.

    Loved: Dark Souls. My brother taught me how to kill the big knights and now I'm disappointed that there aren't more of them around. Then he really took me to school by starting a new character, then finding and killing a boss I had only heard about within 20 minutes. Bastard.

    Didn't realise was out: Black Mesa. Have been waiting for this for a while. Will have to look into it tonight.

    I would have liked to have finally finshed AC revelations but on Saturday I needed to format my ps3 and lost everything from about may last year and on Sunday it died completely.

    A bit off topic but does anyone know that there's a ps3 shortage at the moment, no where has stock

      I'd check your local Pawnbroker :)

    Finished Black Mesa and boy did I enjoy, such a great mod. Also been playing Planetside 2, i've yet to get into any major action :/

    Loved: They Bleed Pixels. It's a little rough around the edges, but there's just something about combining the platforming insanity of Super Meat Boy with a platformer brawler that works. Though it's really frustrating running around with a checkpoint powerup on standby and dying just before plonking it down.

    Undecided: Mark of the Ninja. Though it's a fresh breath of air in the stealth genre, my history of stealth games had me frustrated by the simplified gameplay. Mainly I wanted to have some better items (where's my poison rice balls!?), the ability to target anywhere with both the bamboo kunai and grappling hook and the ability to knock guards out. Also, what kind of ninja can't kill without a sword?

    Loved and hated BF3 Armoured Kill. Love the new maps and modes, hate the new whole server crashes and "something went wrong" message.

    Finished Arkham City - some great stuff in the game but such a weak finale. Just started Fable 3 - so far I like it despite bugs and frame drops

    Dear Esther ($10 on Steam) was a nice break from guns and swords.

    Also am glad I only ever finished Half-Life 3/4 the way through so get to experience Black Mesa without knowing the ending :D (didn't play HL1 till after wondering what the fuss was about than being blown away by HL2)

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