The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Is Going To Perform Pokemon Music

It seems like many top tier orchestras are getting mileage from video game music, and now the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is getting in on the act, planning a night dedicated to Pokemon music.

For two nights — November 21 and 22 this year — the orchestra will perform music from almost every major Pokemon game at the Sydney Opera House. There are three performances in total (two on the Saturday).

Tickets seem reasonably priced. The cheapest are around $44, with premium tickets coming in at $99. As someone who has attended a couple of theatre-style shows in the last year or so, that's actually quite reasonable.

It's interesting: the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is really selling this event as a sort of overall Pokemon experience: "[d]on't miss this amazing opportunity to meet-up with friends to catch, battle, and trade Pokémon from your favourite games," says the blurb. I think this is wise. Pokemon has great music, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if it's the kind of series I'd pay big bucks to go and listen to. A broader celebration of Pokemon as a 'thing'? That's a bit more marketable.

You can find out more about the event here.

Edit: Turns out this show is going on tour throughout Australia. Vooks has a great breakdown of where and when right here.

Melbourne 13 November Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Perth 15 November Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (WASO)

Adelaide 17 November Adelaide Festival Theatre

Sydney 20 November 21 November Sydney Opera House


    Perth but not Brisbane? I hate you so much, @liondrive »:-[

      Tell me about it. Seriously, what? Even Adelaide...

        Adelaide has a really great arts scene, population aside I have never really considered Brisbane as such....just a thought

          I'm actually aware and honestly think Adelaide is a genuinely nice place. I'd be far more willing to move there than say Sydney if given the option heh. Sydney's spaghetti roads scare me.

          Last edited 28/07/15 3:52 am

      I might go, just to rub it in ;)

        You vagina. (I bet that stung!)

          The most awful name you can call a gay man.
          You're on thin ice, Jimmy...

          I can't stay mad at you :*

    Makes me wish the games had orchestrated music. X and Y was a step in the right direction, but just imagine...

    I didn't know that they were going to be playing over in Melbourne. I guess I'll look into going.

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