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Damnit, we want you to tell us stuff — like which game would you like to see have its music performed by an orchestra?

Personally, I'm a sucker for video game orchestras, having seen Eminence perform almost every time they've been in Sydney. The recent Distant Worlds concert by the Sydney Symphony at the Opera House made me coo like a dove (say what you will about Final Fantasy games — the music is fantastic), and I have spent hours watching video clips of people performing video game music in their own homes.

Anyway, if I could force an orchestra to perform music from a game, I'd probably make them play Inon Zur's entire back catalogue, which would include music from the Prince of Persia and Dragon Age: Origins.

How about you? If an orchestra was touring with the music of a game, which game would you want it to be?


    Nier, absolutely.
    And Lost Odyssey.

      +1 to both.


        JRPG's almost always have the best music, and those suited most beautifully to orchestral arrangement.

    My first thought was Donkey Kong Country because I love the music in that game but it would probably sound terrible being performed by an orchestra.

    My second thought was Halo and I'm going to stick with that. Halo music being played by an orchestra would sound awesome.

    In before dozens of replies listing games that are already performed by an orchestra and/or are frequently played at orchestra events.

    I'd go with Sengoku Basara 3. Some amazing tracks in there that would be great with an orchestra treatment.

    I have the CD, but seeing the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban orchestral concerts live would be rad.

      Oooh great one! I'd love to hear the music from AA/Gyakuten Saiban live!

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

    Lumines for the smart arse answer!

    I love Greg Edmonson's score for Uncharted and Normand Corbeil's Heavy Rain OST. For something older you can't go past Robert Holmes music for Gabriel Knight either.

      (Can't go past Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed 2, either. Iconic stuff.)

    World of Warcraft.
    Music in Vanilla and all the expansions are amazing.

      confession time...

      I have probably clocked about 150-180 days played in wow, and have never heard the in game music.
      first thing i do in nearly all PC games I play is disable in game music and start up foobar.

      now i feel bad for the people who make game music for PC game :(

        Only 180? :P
        I turn it off mostly. But I had all the CE. We used to play the soundtrack at work lol

    Zelda Ocarina of Time - such a missed opportunity for the 3DS version when they used the original music and sound.

      Not really - Nintendo have a policy of using the original sound tracks - the "classic" songs in Mario galaxy are still 8-bit.

      I just figured if they were going to the trouble of redoing the graphics they might as well make it sound a little more modern as well.

        I agree. Not that the old music is at all bad, but it would have been excellent fully orchestrated.

        Though the orchestra piece that plays during the credits (and is on the soundtrack) was great.

    I've seen the following Eminence conerts:
    * Piano Stories III

    * Passion - my favourite...Yasunori Mitsuda & Hitoshi Sakimoto FTW!! Got my Chrono Trigger OSV signed by Mitsuda-san, and Sakimoto-san signed the cover for Vagrant Story. I was totally starstruck, spoke in very broken Japanese that I really liked their music lol ^_^

    * Unearthing Eden

    I miss the days when Eminence wasn't as big as they are now. They performed like 2-3 concerts every year, and you could just buy tickets at Kinokuniya. Good times.

    Also saw Ayako Ishikawa's violin recital. I've a major school boy crush on her :)

    I was there for Distant Worlds in April as well, which was friggin awesome! I'm embarrassed to say that I had tears in my eyes when they did Liberi Fatali, just brought back a lot of memories, especially when you see the FFVIII opening & gameplay on the screen.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I'd like to hear more music from the FF and Chrono series, and I'd really love it if they performed songs that haven't been arranged in orchestra form yet. Magus' Theme anyone?

    Secret Of Mana.
    Kudos to the KH idea, i'd be all in for that too!

    The Monkey Island series

    Each track from all 5 games just has something special about and each is unique in some capacity.

    Maybe not an orchestra but Bastion is one of better soundtracks (and the only one I have purchased in awhile) that I have listened to.

    I love prince or persia's music especially the 2008 reboot. The music was superb.

    Xenoblade Chronicles!

    Greg Edmonsons Uncharted 2! Jesper Kyd and AC2! Darren Korb and Bastion! Pretty much any Metal Gear Solid game!

      Just bought some tracks from the Bastion OST this morning on iTunes. I've had some stuck in my head ever since I played. Now I don't have to YouTube the mofos.

    Elite Beat Agents soundtrack :p
    Seriously, I'd like to hear the music of the original Deus Ex from an orchestra. It would add an extra touch of epic.

    Looking at all these comments makes you realise just how good videogame music is.

    I've only seen Eminence's 10-piece ensemble, at Perth's WAICON in 2010. It's easily my favourite ever live performance that I have seen. I wish they'd come back; I'd pay $200 to see their full show.

    As to what I'd like to see, there's the big stuff, like Halo and Final Fantasy. But I'd also love to hear Jeremy Soule's Morrowind and Oblivion themes played live. Bastion's music is just grand to begin with, but I'd also like to hear Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced's BGM's. So good~

    Anything Blizzard

      Don't think it's ever been performed live but Blizzard released a soundtrack with orchestrated pieces from Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft :)

      Err, you may want to check this, lads ;)

      The store is down right now, but the link is below too:

        Yeah that's the one I was talking about it. I've had it since the day it was released.

    Vagrant Story. My favourite OST by far.

    Drakengard/Drag on Dragoon would be another great choice.

    I really should get around to playing Nier and Lost Oddyssey at some point.

    As much as I am a spelling and grammar Nazi, 'damnit' with an n just doesn't work for me...

    Oh, and Brutal Legend ;)

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