Mega Man Online Might Be Cancelled

South Korea's NeoWiz has been working on a MMORPG version of Mega Man, dubbed Rockman Online (Mega Man Online). However, corporate restructuring earlier this year seems to have impacted development. Rockman Online's lead artist, Kang Dong Hwa, seems to have indicated on his blog that the project has been shelved. However, he apparently did not specifically mention the name Rockman Online.

The artist, whom Kotaku previously featured, posted a slew of concept art for the game — some of which you can see here. Kang is currently looking for work. But with talent like his, he should land somewhere pretty quick.

As website The MM Network points out, it's been nearly a year since there's been an update on the progress of the game. NeoWiz has yet to comment on the game's status.

Rockman Online is Likely Cancelled, According to Artist [The MM Network] cantio75 [Kang's Official Site]


    And nobody was in any way surprised at all.

    wow, looked cool... turrican is still better though

    Cool artwork is cool... but it doesn't look anything like Mega Man.
    If true, this is the 3rd Mega Man cancellation in the short time since Inafune left Capcom. Soooo... now for some good news...?

      Good news! More DLC on the way for fighting game #3!

      Technically it wasn't purely a Capcom game since they licensed the name out to the publisher NeoWiz. It's really up to them to deliver...

      Of course that still doesn't negate the fact its the 3rd Rockman game cancelled =(

    Art looks like Protos from starcraft.

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