My Gamer Friends Need To Have More Kids So I Can Buy These For Them

Sadly, most of my friends who do currently have infants are not of any particular nerdly persuasion, and I do not yet have children. Clearly, the only solution is to badger my gamer friends into having babies.

The same seller also has a superhero set, although those shamelessly mix DC and Marvel logos together. Surely six months is old enough to know why Batman and Captain America don't mix?

I think I like Baby Donkey Kong even better than Baby Commander Shepard, and that's seriously saying something.

Video Gamer Deluxe Set Onesies [Etsy]


    So don't pirate but hey here is a link to someone who IS ripping off game company IP.

    My lady is 21 weeks pregnant. I'm a gamer. You have my permission to buy all kinds of nerdy things for her. (it's a girl)

    That Link outfit needs to come out as an adult shirt. :D

      Pretty sure it already has, although I don't think the one I've seen had the Tri-force on it.

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