See How Dishonored Lets You Kill Any Way You Please (Almost)

Dishonored will be giving players lots of tools — possession, time-freezing and bladed or blasting weapons — with which to seek their revenge. The latest developer-focused trailer talks a little about how you'll be able to mix and match those abilities to create unique death scenarios for the enemies you encounter.

Looks like we're going to get a lot of amazing assassination videos when the game hits next month.


    Cant wait.
    Looks amazing.

      Agreed- very keen to play this. We need more games like this.

    My god this game looks amazing!

    Despite all the ultraviolence, how can I not buy this game? Stunning design.

    Already passed classification MA+ Strong, Bloody Violence

    Possessing someone to avoid fall damage sounds like a bug exploit to me, there is no logic behind it, your body still hits the ground, you return to your body, your body would still be broken.
    Some visuals remind me of Thief, damn I miss that game! Sounds good that you have freedom to play in your own style.

      As far as I understand it, you sort of evaporate and enter the body, after all, you can possess a fish, it's not like you can be murdered outside while you're sneaking through the party trying to assassinate one of the 3 lady's etc.

      In the video he made the point of saying "In our game when you posses somebody it's not like you leave your body behind and posses them with your mind, it is a corporeal thing so you physically move into them"

    "If you ever need steady work you come see me." - A dystopian world where steady work is easy to come by? the horror! ; )

    i wonder if you could throw a guy of a balcony, jump after them, freeze time while in the air then land on the body in mid-air then jump down again to avoid fall damage? o_o

    .......I like the way you think, dear sir.

    *gives warm handshake*

    I think you'll fit right in with us at Spectacular Assassins Incorporated! :D

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