Square Enix Is Releasing 5 Kilos Of Final Fantasy Games (No, Really)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy. And what better way to say Happy Anniversary than with a FF box set? That weighs 5kg? And costs US$445? FF25周年アルティメットボックス [Twitpic]


    (holding hands on face and screaming)

    Ok I'm not usually one to conment about shit articles but c'mon! Is it that hard to include more information?! There's a link to a blurry pic that quite frankly tells us nothing.

    Here's more info for my fellow Kotaku peeps to save you the trouble of Googling it :). http://www.geekosystem.com/final-fantasy-25-anniversary-box-set/

    I would've typed the info but I'm on my phone, sorry folks!

    As for the box set, assuming it comes to PAL and in English for relatively the same price, it's a bit dissapointing. Missed opportunity to port everything to the PS3 and instead it's spread out over too many platforms. Pricey too!

      Thanks Greenius, was a little 'ok so wtf is in it' opening this page up

    As someone who is interested in this, I can't believe the low quality of this article. Bashcraft has actually outdone himself here, two sentences, a link to a non-English site, and a blurry pic.

    Here's foe hoping the PS4 is backwards compatibkle with all of this.

    I suddenly realise why the baffling decision was made to port FF3 to PSP.

    Where's the rest of the article? You know, ths part with the actual information about the subject?

    Luke and Ash are both terrible. I hope they don't get paid for this crap. =/

    Here's an proper link; http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/08/final-fantasy-25th-anniversary-ultimate.html

    What the fuck? I write forum posts that are less ambiguous and have more content than this.

      Yup. And sadly we all clicked on it and sent ad money flying his way. I wish we could intercept it somehow and re-direct it to Greenius and Hyperthx for doing Ashcraft's job for him.

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