Street Fighter And Sonic Are Selling Disney's Next Big Cartoon


    Seriously can't wait for this movie.

    Tangled was underrated classic, and this looks just as good. Disney starting to show up Pixar at their own game.

      Ummm, don't disney ~own~ Pixar.... literally, they bought them years ago, this may be a sign that they are starting to actually leverage some of the assets that Pixar has (eg their software)... Besides it'll be nice to see Disney stop getting absolutely powned by the reletively new kid on the block. (Pixar's first film was in '95... Disney released Snow White in '39)

    I seriously wish people would stop crapping on about all these characters that are in the movie. I was happy enough when I heard there would be real-world VG villains in there, BUT I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU JERKS.

    It's far more fun to be surprised in the cinema than to know everything before you even walk in.

      I think those are posters. And eventually the whole street will be full of it so no escaping in knowing characters in the movie. Probably will show in the trailer as well

      If they had to spend the extra cash for the license to use these characters in their movie I'd think it would be stupid for them not to advertise it as much as possible to attract more people who'll watch it 'just because Sonic (or any of the other existing video game characters) makes a cameo in it'. It's just part of how their business works.

        Yeah, but it's easy to avoid things like that. I got to see The Simpsons Movie without knowing a single thing about it, in fact barely even knowing there *was* a Simpsons movie. And it was great! If I saw this as soon as it came out, I would normally be able to avoid most spoilers and such, and barely see any kinds of ads or anything like that. But when sites like this splash it all over the front page, there's no way to avoid it as you browse through for the stories that interest you.

    holy crap its Qubert!

    Looking forward 2 this for sure, its like the Who framed Roger Rabbit the this generation

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