The War Z Looks Like A Zombie Game With Less Zombies

The footage you'll see here won't stop people comparing this game to DayZ, but it might be worth a watch for those who find the ArmA II mod a little too janky and volatile for their tastes.

The War Z is an upcoming multiplayer zombie shooter that leaves the frantic action of games like Left 4 Dead behind in favour of a slower, tenser focus on scrounging and surviving.

While this is tagged as a "co-op" trailer, there's little more "co-op" on display than a disembodied voice in your ear and a brief glimpse of some guy's head on an overpass. What you mostly see is a guy wandering around in the dark trying to find junk while avoiding (or killing) zombies.

I'm digging the slow pace on show here, and the fact it's appearing more polished than DayZ (which admittedly isn't hard), but it'll take some time with the game's levels and overall approach to survival to see whether it can match the ArmA mod's brutal and unforgiving appeal.

The War Z


    It makes sense to rip off Day Z, but they couldn't even be bothered to hide it by calling it something slightly different. Maybe it was intentional.

      It's made by the same people.

      Standalone game instead of a mod.


          It was in development before the DayZ mod, read the article by IGN

        You fail

      It's been in development for longer than Day Z.
      At least, that's what I hear.

      It was in development and already had a name before DayZ was even a thing, they've stated that they've taken some cues from DayZ's success, but are still trying to develop there own take on the sub-genre.

        There was some controversy going on about this. Some people claimed that The War Z WAS ripping off DayZ's success. The claims stated that a group of devs rushed together to quickly make The War Z due to Day Z's popularity and that 'being in development for 2 years' was a lie. This was mainly because the developers had no website and that the screenshots contained exactly the same character models as another game.

        I don't really care. If War Z is good, I will get it.

      "This Space Marine game looks okay but they're just ripping off Gears of War!" - said the guy who didn't do his research .

      How is it a copy.
      The Graphics are alot different, the gameplay is Third Person and the Gameplay is very different.

      And DayZ is commonly used to describe the Day the Zombie apocalypse started.
      The DayZ mod must have stolen itsname from somewhere as well.

      Seems like alot of people these days have a habbit of thinking everything is copied even though its nothing alike.

      Plus this game has been in development before the DayZ mod.

    Pretty sure The War Z was in production before DayZ was even announced as a thing. Just a shame DayZ came out first, because that'll ultimately be what people compare it to instead of the other way around.

      technically neither has been released. Day Z is an mod that's still in will be a stand alone game by the end of the year apparently, I have doubts about Day Z's 2012 launch though...considering it has only just now started proper development. War Z looks like it's almost done so I think it's obviously been around for a lot longer than Day Z has. I'm loving playing Day Z on PC though...hopefully both can co-exist.

    Looking good. I enjoyed Dayz, but the ArmaII engine is still terrible and they're making DayZ so unforgiving that they'll be left with like 10 people playing it when they go retail.

      The standalone version is apparently working on the Arma 3 engine which allegedly is a lot more capable than the 2 engine (which is quite old now). Rockets been saying it gives him a lot more ability to do more things. I look forward to playing WarZ as I love DayZ. More survival zombie games! MORE!

      Dude. Rocket said that DayZ is not for CareBears. He has no intention to cater for them either, so you'd probably best leave now.

    The whole "its been in development longer" is bullshit, don't believe what they tell you when they have no facts to back it up.

      You have no facts to back up your argument, so why should I trust you?

      Anyways, it isn't uncommon for a game developing company to work on a game for several years before they announce it, heck, they would be crazy if they didn't.

      One other thing, of course it is going to be a little less realistic, that way people who haven't played this type of game before can play it.

        But the difference is that he doesn't need proof to question whether they have credibility because he's just questioning their claims. To defend their credibility however, would require some evidence to support their claim that it's been in development for the last two years.

        I won't say I know what's going on exactly since I haven't done any length of extensive reading, but if they have no proof, then he's got full grounds to question what they say. So if there is proof, great, if there isn't, find some.

    Oh lets just have conspiracy theories!! HUZZAH. I dont care personally, so far WarZ looks like a much more solid polished game and looks like a lot of fun. Day Z will have some big shoes to fill with its stand alone release.

      The stand alone DayZ will no doubt be using Arma 3 engine, so going by just that bit alone means DayZ should be able to do more than WarZ. This is what DayZ creators have been wanting to do for awhile but can't with Arma 2 engine.

        Stand alone will technically still be using the Arma II engine, with elements from Arma 3 and Take On Helicopters.

        Yeah, nope. They will NOT be using the ARMA 3 engine. Already confirmed.

      'Big shoes to fill'? Wha? That would imply its filling a void? It already exists as a fantastic game? Silly comment is silly.

    So, Hammerpoint Interactive WERE working on a game that eventually turned into The WarZ, but it was never ever a zombie game. What it is now is a clear rip off of DayZ's success.
    That being said, I'm not so pompous to whinge about what appears to be a pretty solid game being released, instead I'll just shut up and either play it....or not play it.'s a comparison between the WarZ and Hammerpoint's original game, WarInc

    I don't think any of the games released by Bohemia have been solid or polished experiences. They have ALWAYS been bug ridden and getting a game that is polished far outweighs anything Bohemia can offer for that reason alone. "Clone" or not, if WarZ is a solid, polished zombie survival game then why should we care what came first if it's inferior? The only thing DayZ has going for it is the huge open map and persistent gameplay. The rest of it is a clunky ****ing mess. If it wasn't Arma 2, if it wasn't persistent, if it wasn't being gushed over so hypocritically it wouldn't be worth talking about. At its bare bones Arma 2 sucks, and so does DayZ, but they still offer a niche experience and that's the only thing going for it. If someone does the niche experience better then I don't really know what to say to those who refuse to look at it objectively.

    Funny, first thing I thought of was World War Z rather than Day Z. THESE GUISE ARE RIPPING OF MAX BROOKS BECAUSE ZOMBIES

    Anyone who claims games like State of Decay and The War Z are ripoffs of DayZ, just doesn't understand how market niches work. There has been a huge gap in the market for this genre of game for a long time, now several studios are filling that gap. I happen to know that State of Decay has been in development for at least 2 years, because I've been watching the Undead Labs website since 2010.

    None of them are ripping off any of them, it's just that they all are moving to fill this niche at the same time. People who think that the earliest game is ripped off by all subsequent games are just ignorant.

      State of Decay has evidence proving its development prior to DayZ. The WarZ has evidence proving it wasn't even close to a zombie game until DayZ gained notoriety. The issue people are having with The WarZ is , based on what we've been shown, is that it is in fact a complete visual clone of DayZ.

    DayZ should be called a copy as WarZ was being made way before DayZ even started the mod.

    Day z came up with an awesome idea, destroyed the idea with a shit and glitchy mod.... now someone is taking advantage of a good idea and making a GAME out of it and now will make millions.... sorry boys but thats life.

    "While this is tagged as a “co-op” trailer"

    wheres the trailer

    idiots, most of you.
    Do some honest research for an hour (can become longer), serge even said himself that there will be supporters in favour for Arma II's military based engine, especially when they produce their stand alone build. Remember, War Z was in quiet development (as most gaming studios do) for a year and a half prior to DayZ's alpha release of w.e, this only made the dev's at War Z more eager to show some of their work and so they did, evidence of their development before DayZ is the amount of work that was already done on War Z compared to DayZ. Remember, they were both developed on rather ok engines. But the eclipse engine had waaaayyy more War Z content programmed compared to the shotty job of the Arma engine.

    No body should be bringing any other zombie survival game's into discussion, it's just a genre, and it's proving to be a fucking good one too.

    The War Z looks like a game with *fewer* zombies!!!

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