These “Fans” Aren’t Happy About Bayonetta 2

These “Fans” Aren’t Happy About Bayonetta 2

One of the bigger surprises today wasn’t just the reveal of Bayonetta 2, but the news that it’s been locked down as a Wii U exclusive. Good news for anyone looking to pick up Nintendo’s console, but bad news for 360 and PS3 owners who had no such plans.

People like this.

Here, for your enjoyment/embarassment, are a selection of tweets from “disappointed” Bayonetta fans, who it appears had no prior intention of being an early Wii U adopter before this morning’s announcement.

Before you go thinking the internet was awash with disgust, though, remember, not everyone was upset.

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  • Seriously kids these days… Wii U will be a better hardware which will make the gameplay smoother. Who doesn’t want better and smoother gameplay? Not like is bloody expensive in the states. so much cheaper yet so much complain. i dont see them complaining about paying xbox live gold and call of duty elite membership

    • The real humor in this is that Monster Hunter (which will sell exponentially more hardware / software than bayonetta ever could hope to)- Hasn’t even gotten a mention.

      Also Xbox / PS3 bayonetta fans that also happen to use twitter (in this fashion), are probably a bunch 13 year old, pubescent degenerates. Ignorant to the reasons it’s actually appearing as a consumer product at all.

      Nintendo kept your franchise alive…

      P.S I am really glad all these little shits are gonna be stuck on Xbox live / PSN / Facebook / iPhone / F2P for the next 2 – 3 years. PC / Nintendo gaming should be good.

  • These so called “fans” are so daft. The game was freaking CANCELLED!!! If it wasn’t for Nintendo, you wouldn’t be getting Bayonetta 2 at all!

    • Thats the point, their not getting the game, its great that it is getting a release, but many fans arnt gonna pay $300+ to play it !!

    • Wow that was stupid…yes Sega cancelled Bayonetta 2, but so what.
      considering the sucess of the first game another big publisher would have grabbed it.
      Nintendo did NOT save it….Nintendo saw a business opportunity and swooped on it.

      Geez Nintendo fanboys are even more annoying than apple fanboys

      • The first game was hardly a huge commerical success, I swear to god it’s something about this type of game that confuses people, exact same thing happens with Devil May Cry all the time. People talk about why such a successful game needed a reboot/insert other relevant reason, completely neglecting the fact that DMC was never a wildy succesful game, only a moderate one with a die hard niche fanbase. There’s no certainty any other publisher would have picked up the franchise ESPECIALLY when we’re at a point where lots of publishers are reducing the number of IP’s they’re aquiring.

        Now even if we ignore that, even if Bayonetta 2 already had a publisher, and Nintendo just saw this as a smart business move, comments like those in the article are infantile and astounding in their entitled arrogance.

  • Don’t really care but I understand why people are upset.

    Why are you guys so quick to judge? You’d be pissed off if your favourite franchise was announced as an exclusive for a platform you don’t really have any interest in.

    • I get why people are upset but surely it’s enough to get them somewhat interested in said platform though, I know it would for me.

      These ‘loyal’ fans are idiots. Threatening to never buy another Platinum Games game and cancelling existing pre-orders isn’t going to do anything and just makes them seem stupid. They’re really overreacting.

      Before I read Crispus’ comment I had no idea Bayonetta 2 was cancelled, let alone in existence. They should be grateful it’s even coming out thanks to Nintendo who are publishing it.

    • I bought a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4, and I had no interest in the console at all. Even now, I never use the PS3, because I don’t like anything else for it. But I didn’t complain like this; I understand this kind of thing happens.

    • I bought a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4, and I had no interest in the console at all. Even now, I never use the PS3, because I don’t like anything else for it. But I didn’t complain like this; I understand this kind of thing happens.

      • But MGS has always been relatively exclusive to Sony consoles. I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series, and I’d absolutely lose my shit if it turned out Fallout 4 became exclusive to PS3 because previously it’s been available on a range of platforms. If you’re a fan of MGS, you’ve clearly been tolerant of Sony consoles in the past and shouldn’t have an objection to buying the PS3. If Fallout 4 was announced on PS3, I’d be upset because I would have to buy a console that I am actually opposed to buying to play the game I want to play.

        And just because it’s business doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. It’s a fact that Activision put money first. As a result their games suck, and that sucks in itself.

        • Lose your shit or just be a bit upset? Of course it’s fine to be upset and annoyed, though an understanding that the very reason you feel that way is the reason a business will try and secure exclusive deals would be a nice thing to aim for, if a game means that much to you that it can make you upset then it possibly means that much to you that you’d buy a console for it. see: monies.

          It might suck for you, and annoy you, but do you really think it justifies goddam death threats?
          It’s nothing new on the horrible place that is the internet, but that isn’t a justification for the crap people spout.

    • A single game is hardly a franchise buddy , ever think the game devs saw a new console and thought they could make something different as aposed to bayonnetta 2 electric boogaloo

  • Strange decision but maybe they couldn’t get the green light from SEGA for PS3/360 (despite selling reasonably well). The backlash is definitely warranted, though saying FU on twitter to the devs is just stupid.

    • Exactly microsoft themselves did this to its windows platform (ie put all its games on xbox only), so no sympathy from me.

  • There is two sides to this story. It sucks for the ps3/360 owners who bought and made the first game successful, thereby ensuring a sequel would be made. Having said that it’s the one thing that Nintendo needs to attract alot of the hardcore base it lost during the wii generation. If Nintendo can secure more exclusives on a scale like Bayonetta then it just might have something special.

  • I can see why they’re upset (I am too). Every single fan of Bayonetta played this on 360 or PS3. They didn’t own a Wii. And now they’re trying to market to an entirely different audience of gamers. If it was timed exclusive, or multiplatform, there wouldn’t be this rage.

    My biggest concern is Nintendo will try and censor the crap out of it. They wouldn’t even allow Binding of Isaac for sale ffs.

    • I don’t think they’re marketing it to a different audience, they were just trying to get the game published. Sega said no, Nintendo said yes. And i wouldn’t worry too much about censorship; both Madworld and the No More Heroes games were incredibly violent.

    • I’m a fan of Bayonetta, I own a Wii. I’m sure plenty of others do too. Just because I own a 360 and PS3 doesn’t mean I don’t own a Wii also.

  • I get why they are upset. I’m still a bit disappointed Trials HD never made it to PC, even though I own an xbox. I think the hate directed at Nintendo is ridiculous though – Nintendo salvages a cancelled project, surely the correct response is gratitude.

  • Bought the Japanese version of Bayonetta for the PS3 on day one and ,though it is not a perfect port, it is still one of a kind. Hopefully, the second game is going to do well enough to warrant a third entry on PS4/XBox720/WII U.

  • Is this not a common thing? Did Nintendo not lose most of their major third party franchises between SNES and N64? These fans need to get over themselves.

    • Yes, it is very common. Especially common if you look at PC games.
      The difference now is that we have tabloid gaming blogs with open forums, and platforms such as Twitter, where every Tom, Dick and Harry can complain that life isn’t going exactly as they want it.

      I wholly endorse this move by Nintendo and Platinum Games. The hardcore fans will find a way to rationalise their purchase and a whole new market will be able to experience the gameplay of Bayonetta.

      In the meantime, we’ll just have to weather the torrent of people who continually search for the next thing to complain about. Some people just cannot be happy with the robust games market we currently find ourselves lucky enough to be part of.

  • I don’t want to buy a WiiU. But i enjoyed Bayonetta, so I would love to play the next one, but since it’s now a WiiU exclusive, then I guess I’ll just have to watch a let’s play on YouTube.

    I’ve had to do this once before with, surprisingly enough, a Nintendo exclusive game (Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil Zero) and it is very annoying that just because I don’t want to own one companies console I’m not allowed to play the game. It’s like limiting (for example) The Avengers to Sony blu-ray players with no DVD release t all, people will get pissed off.

        • Why should the companies that decided that they didn’t want this game still get it when Nintendo was the one to put money towards its salvaging, and the completion of development?

      • No. Because the only games that were really “exclusive” to each console were in house brands like Sonic and Mario. I have no problems if the console company owns the production company, but when a once multiplatform games becomes one console exclusive, then I get annoyed.

        But like I outlined above, I’ll just watch a Let’s Play on Youtube. I’m not going to buy a console that I do not want for the sake of one exclusive game, I can quite easily do without it as I’ve got other games that I can play anyway.

  • These kinds of ‘gamers’ make me sick. I have Bayonetta on ps3 & am stoked about the Wii U sequel. But then again im a real gamer

  • Frankly, I’m more upset that Zelda and Mario have been announced as exclusives. I really want to play those games on my Xbox.

    PS, I’m only half kidding.

  • I am butthurt. I don’t want to pay $450 just to play Bayonetta 2. I’m not sure if I will get a Wii U. Doesn’t it make more sense for Platinum games to release it on 3 platforms, you know, for teh PROFITS. Minor rage here.

    • And the work that would have to be done to make the game work on all three consoles would cost money, thereby eating into the profits. Not to mention that they would need an entirely differant interface for the xbox360 and ps3 versions to replace the functions of the wiiu tablet controler.

  • Anyone who is hating on Bayonetta 2 being on the Wii U is a complete idiot. This is exactly what happened alot back in the 90’s on the SNES / Megadrive / Dreamcast and the PS1. Exclusives games actually SELL the consoles and sometimes the multiplatform games aren’t developed properly. To see Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U is a massive relief for me since I would ranther play this game in 1080p @ 60fps ranther than on a outdated console. Only a true gamer today would praise Nintendo for releasing Bayonetta 2 and anyone who thinks otherwise? Boohoo for you. Have a think about how Final Fantasy VII sold millions of Playstation consoles. The same happens to consoles with great exclusive games and that why I buy consoles in the first place.

    • Wait, wait… “To see Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U is a massive relief for me since I would ranther play this game in 1080p @ 60fps ranther than on a outdated console.”

      Did I miss the memo where 1080p/60fps gaming was invented by Nintendo? Stupid fanboy; 1080p/60fps gaming has been on PC for years, and PS3/360 have had the ability to get to those levels from launch, it’s just taken time for software to match hardware. Nintendo is playing catch up to all other platforms.

      • That was a bit of a crap argument.
        There was no mention of resolution invention, guy is pleased he might see the game running at those specs. The PC platform is not a console and is irrelevant to your response. PS3 and 360 have been capable of achieving those specs from launch, yet less than a third of the PS3 lineup, and an even smaller volume of 360 games, actually run 60fps 1080p native. Yes, that is an issue of time disparity in software dev and the inital hardware specs, so why aren’t more games being released at those specs in the twilight of these consoles?

        Either way, if Platinum Games can release a polished and fun game, specs shouldn’t matter all that much. It will just be another fun game. Maybe think about the positives before you decide to pull tangent and conflation out of your no-no sunshine patch.

      • Love how he totally takes one line and completely takes it out of context and uses it as the basis of his ‘argument’ and has the audacity to label someone else a fanboy LOL. And using the PC in his argument? hilarious

  • I think it’s an incredibly risky move by Nintendo, but a move that will probably be very smart in the long run. Sure, fans are going to be dissapointed. I played the original on X360 (although I am far off from beating it…) but i’d be okay with playing the sequel on the Wii U. I was always planning to get one anyway, and I never thought Bayonetta would get a sequel anyway.

    I don’t think comments saying that the Wii U is “kiddy” and “not a real console” are fair at all. I think the Wii U will be a big step up in the hardcore direction for Nintendo. Comments like that just sjow how ignorant and closed minded alot of gamers are. Grow up.

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