This Man Is Your New Frogger World Champion

This Man Is Your New Frogger World Champion

Frogger doesn’t have a whole documentary devoted to it the way that Donkey Kong does, in King of Kong. But Konami’s coin-op classic does have a memorable episode from the Seinfeld TV show, where Jason Alexander’s George Costanza puffs up with pride over his longstanding high score in the game. But that fictional score of 860,630 has been smoked by the tally posted by new world champion Michael Smith.

Smith recently notched an impressive total of 970,440 on Frogger, which comes two years he read about previous record holder Pat Laffaye beating the fake Costanza score. There’s no Steve Wiebe/Billy Mitchell rivalry between Smith and Laffaye, but it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if Jason Alexander showed up at the software engineer’s Virginia home. Costanza’s weird like that.

Classic Frogger arcade world record squashed once again []


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