This Wii U Ninja Gaiden Trailer Begins With A Massage And Ends In A Blood Bath

And that's really what the Ninja Gaiden series is all about, isn't it? In this trailer for the Ayane-riffic Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for the Wii U, someone actually says "What the hell's a girl flying in here for?" Maybe she's here to punch up the script?


    If its anything like the NG3 already out it'll still suck.

      apparently its different. nintendo themselves are producing it this time

        Was NG3 one of those games that sucked, mainly because of a handful of decisions that could easily be fixed? I wonder what will be different in this version.

          It sucked mainly due to poor gameplay design and being ridiculously easy, until you had more than 8 enemies on screen which caused slowdown and crazy amounts of input lag (on PS3 anyway). I don't have high hopes for this iteration, Nintendo published or not.

    reminds me of Oni on PS2....


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