Tweets From The Nintendo 64 Launch

Twitter was invented more than nine years after the first Nintendo 64 went on sale. That was fortunate for the N64, because, as we re-learned last week, Twitter exists to vivisect any and all video game news — and to make it all seem rather crappy.

But what if people could tweet about the Nintendo 64's launch? What remarkable insights could they cram into 140 characters?

It would probably go like this:

  • "Mark my words, the N64 will be the death of Nintendo #n64"
  • "There are only two launch titles. WTF?"
  • "Whoa, you can plug in FOUR controllers?"
  • "hahahaha cartridges f — - off and die"
  • "Um, no final fantasy, no purchase"
  • "Mario 64 looks way too different from SMW."
  • "Sorry, but Mario just doesn't look as advanced as Nights #nintendont"
  • "They are charging $US20 for a 256-kilobit memory card? Come on. At least the controllers are only $US30."
  • "$200 for the #N64 seems fine, but $US70 for #Mario64 is insane."
  • "Someone ask @howardlincolnNOA where our new Zelda game is."
  • "Nintendo should just go third-party already."
  • "Wave Race 64 or Jet Moto?"
  • "That controller seems way too big"
  • "Turok, Blast Corps, and Shadows of the Empire. That's a better launch window than the 32X had."
  • "Wait for Spaceworld!"
  • ""No Twisted Metal?! N64 is worthless!!! #PlayStation4eva"
  • "The PlayStation is so screwed right now."
  • "Hey @hiroshiyamauchiNCL... what about Tomb Raider?"
  • "That burger, beer, onion rings, fries and shake made me sooo sleepy..."
  • "We could really use a new Metroid game. Looking forward to one on the N64."
  • "Nintendo Sixty-Fouuuuuuuuuuur!!!!"

Share your own N64 launch tweets below.

Top image: Shigeru Miyamoto by Atsushi Tskuada/AP; modified by Luke Plunkett


    #TooManyButtons. They do realise we only have two thumbs and two index fingers, don't they? No game will ever need that many inputs.

    "Yeah it's 64 bit - BUT DOES IT HAVE BLAST PROCESSING?"

    They have announced Castlevania!!!! Awesome.

    This controller for Turok sucks. FPS on a console will never work.

    They better make a Pokemon game for this!! #pokemon

    (Apart from Snap/Stadium/etc.)

    Gran can you get me the superman game for Christmas?

    "It will probably have less than 20 worthwhile games #nintendolifecycle #timetravel"

    Can't wait for Metroid on this thing! Already pre-ordered it, had to pay cash in full up front for some reason. So excited!

      nice one! I hope no one pre orders Zelda Wii u from EB games .... $108 you might be waiting awhile

    Wow. You can transfer data from a gameboy!!! Its gonna change gaming!!!
    (years pass)
    Wow. You can connect a GBA to the gamecube!!! Its gonna change everything!!!
    (More years pass)
    WTF? You can link the DS and wii !!!! OMG. This is gonna be HUGE!!!

    who would buy a james bond game .. goldeneye more like browneye. This wont compete with the mighty sega saturn

    I will wait for the n64 and street fighter bundle

    Movie to game conversions suck. FPS aren't possible on console. #Goldeneye64

    'cmon guys, the launch window may not be great, but a superman game is on the horizon at least'

    N64 had one of the most impractical, breakable controllers ever. SNES had a better design, that's why everything is basically the same design as it now. N64 was just dumb. And all my thumbsticks are broken.

      Yes. The snes controller was great when playing First Person Shooters and the digital controls would have worked a treat in Mario 64.

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