Watch American McGee's Gritty Take On Red Riding Hood In Action With Akaneiro

Spicy Horse, the developers behind Alice: Madness Returns, have released a first gameplay look at the action-RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunter.

In much the same way that Spicy Horse took the tale of Alice in Wonderland and turned it into a dark fantasy where Alice brandished a large butcher knife for the majority of the game, Akaneiro is a more twisted vision of a different fairy tale.

In the video showing off an alpha build of the game above, you'll see a mixture of references to Red Riding Hood, as well as historical Japanese influences that set the tone of danger as players face off against the main threat of yokai.


    looks like diablo x okami. ME GUSTA

      more like Torchlight but yeh Diablo style for sure

      looks like few games of that nature coming out soon... good change from all the 3d shooters we had for the last 5 years

    I adored Madness Returns but this does not interest me in the slightest

    dunno if its just me...but isn't the bgm from Shogun 2: Total War??? or is it really just me...

    Hmm, kinda disappointing. Another game where you lock onto enemies and just stand there trading blows until one falls over. Hopefully it gets a little more interesting as development progresses because it looks like it has potential, sort of an Akuma: Demon Spawn meets Okami. I think ARPGs are going to be the next overloaded genre.

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