Wreck-It-Ralph Really Looks Like It Might Be Toy Story For Video Games

Disney has been promoting Wreck-It-Ralph with cleverly faked vintage arcade machines and tie-in games that do a good job of channelling the old-school appeal of games like Donkey Kong and Dig Dug.

(There's an Activision game coming too, but that doesn't look quite as charming.)

But all those things exist around the orbit of an actual feature film, which they won't necessarily make any better. If this new trailer's any indication, Some scenes from the first teaser get recycled here but even more video game characters show up for cameos in this one. Sure, you expect icons like Sonic to show up but, for Christ's sake, there's Tapper. And that Bad Guy's Affirmation? Pretty frickin' funny.


    Based on the content... I'm already sold. Then the FUN song kicked in. That solidified it. Then the Badguy affirmation kicked in. I think I nearly cried in joy! THEN 'WHY DO I FIX EVERYTHING I TOUCH!' Hahahaha. Oh god. I'm betting this is gonna be the animated movie of the year :)))))

    So video game references and 3d animation suddenly make this the Toy Story for video games? To me the film looks kind of hollow and filled with cheesy morals actually :/

      Just be thankful it's not also copyrighting a story that was previously in the public domain like most Disney films...

    Yeah, I'm not sold on this one.

    It really looks like a movie just for kids. The dialogue and story shown so far are very, very basic.

    Nerdgasm overload. Really looking forward to this.

    This movie is going to be amazing. I cannot wait for its release!

    I'm cautiously keen. It looks like it's either going to be a clever take on video game movies or it's going to be a typical "Bad guy finds that being good is better" movie that plays up all the tired old video game clichés and tropes.

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